Frequently Asked Questions

Giving Circle

What is a giving circle?

A giving circle is a philanthropic concept that involves a group of people coming together to pool their money to support a mutually agreed upon cause.

Giving circles come in many forms, but 100 Businesses That Care Greater Phoenix follows the 100 Who Care model.  This model was created in 2006 by Karen Dunigen.  The concept relies on at least 100 members each committing to giving a set amount (in our case, $250) each quarter to a local charity selected by vote by our members.


Is 100 BTC a nonprofit or charity?

We are not a nonprofit or charity.  We were created by a group of volunteers who help to coordinate and facilitate the giving circle.  All donations go directly to the selected charity each quarter.  As volunteers we utilize our own money and that of generous sponsors to help cover administrative costs.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy!  Just fill out and submit our Membership and Commitment form.

What is my commitment as a member?

Membership includes making a minimum annual, tax-deductible donation of $1000 ($250 per charity/quarter) to the local charities selected at each of our giving circle events. Members commit to fulfilling that donation amount even if they did not vote for the selected charity or were unable to attend a quarterly giving circle.  Attendance at giving circles is not mandatory but the donation to the selected charity is.

Membership is for a one year from the time the membership form is submitted and will renew automatically unless written notice is given.

Members may withdraw at any time, however, we ask that you give us written notice prior to the next giving circle.  Please fulfill your commitment for that quarter if you have already attending an event and voted for a charity.

I'm a member and I forgot to make last quarter's donation, what can I do?

If you missed making last quarter’s donation please Contact Us to let us know you intend to bring your membership back into good standing by making your donation online.  We will remind you of the charity that was selected and send the donation link.  Once you have made your donation and sent in your receipt we will place your membership back to active and in good standing.

Do I have to nominate a charity?

Members are not required to nominate a charity, but everyone is encouraged to do so.  You do not have to work for or be associated with a charity in any way in order to nominate.  We recommend choosing an organization who’s mission speaks to you and your company values.

I'm a new member, what should I expect at the next giving circle event?

Generally, our giving circles will go as follows:

5:30 – 6:00 pm – Check-in and Network

6:00 pm – Our Giving Circle Begins

  • The charity that received our collective donation the previous quarter will share the impact our donations made on the organization and any other ways you can get involved or spread the word about their mission.
  • We select at random three charity names from the hat.
  • The members who nominated each of the three charities will each have five minutes to present their charity to the group. A brief Q&A of up to five minutes will follow each presenter.
  • Members who are present, either in person or virtually, will submit their anonymous ballot and the votes are tabulated.
  • The charity with the most votes is announced and the donation link for the selected charity is shared. Each member then makes their donation directly online. If you choose to donate by check you will make it out directly to the charity and hand it in at the end of the event.
  • The next giving circle and venue are announced.

7:00 pm – Giving circle is adjourned.

Giving Circle Attendance

Do I have to attend every giving circle event?

No, you do not have to attend every giving circle event, but they’re a lot of fun, so why wouldn’t you!

Do I still get a vote if I'm not in attendance?

You must be in attendance, either in person or online, to vote. We do not allow any proxy voting.

Can I invite a colleague to attend as a guest?

Yes!  Our giving circle is built on word of mouth and we truly believe in order to understand what we’re all about it’s best for someone to attend as a guest.  Please refer them to our Eventbrite listing and have them register as a Guest.  Guests can not vote, but they’re more than welcome to contribute to the donation at the end of the evening.

Charity Nomination

Who can nominate a charity?

Only members in good standing are eligible to nominate a charity and present that charity at a giving circle. As a member you can nominate one charity to be associated with your membership at any given time.  That charity remains eligible to be drawn and presented for as long as you are a member, until it is selected or until you contact us to let us know you would like to nominate a different charity.

What criteria must the charity meet in order to be nominated?

For a full list of the eligibility requirements, please visit our Charity Eligibility Requirements page.

Is a nonprofit the same as a charity?

While all charities are nonprofits, not all nonprofits are charities.  We have specifically chosen to support local, Arizona charities that exist primarily to serve some humanitarian or philanthropic cause directly in our community.

For a more thorough explanation, visit this article by Indeed.

How are charities chosen to be presented?

All nominated and approved charity names are put into a hat.  At each giving circle event three names are randomly selected from the hat and one by one they make their 5 minute pitch.

Who can present a charity?

At each giving circle three charities are selected at random.  The nominating member of each charity then has five minutes to present and five minutes to answer audience questions about that charity.

The presenting member is the only person who may present and answer questions about their nominated charity.  Representatives from the charity are not able to present on the member’s behalf.  The exception to this is if a representative from a charity also joins as a member and nominates their own organization.  They are expected to make the same member commitment to donating to the chosen charity, regardless if it is their charity, each quarter for at least one year.

What happens to the nominated charity if it is not chosen for our collective donation?

For the two charities that were not selected by the members for that quarter’s collective donation, they go back in the hat and are eligible to be selected at the next giving circle event.  


How are donations collected?

At the conclusion of each of our giving circle events members are directed to make their donation directly to the chosen charity online through their donation link. The donation link is provided at the meeting and in subsequent follow-up emails.  If you’d prefer to make your donation by check, please bring a blank check to the event and hand in your check at the end of the event.

Once you make your donation online, please forward your donation receipt to [email protected] so that we can make a note of your donation for your membership.


I'd like to get my entire company involved in our collective donation, what should I do?

That’s fantastic!  One of our goals in creating this giving circle was to have business leaders not only make their own donation, but also find creative ways to include their employees as well.  Please reach out and let us know how you’ll be getting your company involved and we’ll discuss ways to track donations to go towards our collective giving total.

Can I donate more than $250?

You sure can!  Sometimes we feel pulled to give more and we think that’s great. Make your donation online directly to the charity and email us the receipt so that we can include your total donation amount in our collective giving total.

Can I donate to all three charities presented?

You bet!  We know it can be difficult to choose just one charity.  Please be sure to make your minimum donation of $250 to the selected charity that night and feel free to give any amount to one or both of the other presenting charities.  You will have the donation links for each one presented.  We ask that if you do donate to the other charities you let us know so that we can count it towards our Giving Circle’s grand total of giving each year.

How Do I Get Started?

Become a Member

Fill out our member commitment form to join the giving circle and be eligible to nominate a local charity and vote at our next giving circle event.

Attend Our Next Giving Circle

RSVP today for our next giving circle.  Not ready to become a member?  Attend as our guest and experience what the giving circle is all about.


At the conclusion of our next giving circle event the selected charity will be revealed and you’ll make your $250 donation directly to that organization.

Get in Touch

Have questions about the giving circle concept?  Want to learn more about how we operate?  Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Drop your info here and someone will reach back out and get you more information!